So the short version is: I’ve been doing freelance writing for the science YouTube channel SciShow, and for SciShow Space. I’ve been a fan of their work (and their sister channel Crash Course) for a while, so this was a pretty exciting opportunity to come my way. I’m writing scripts on all sorts of topics for them, and (hopefully) getting better as I’ve been going.

This post will serve as a hub for all my SciShow activity – basically whenever a video comes out featuring one of my scripts, I’ll update this post with it.

Here’s a playlist of all of the videos I’ve worked on:

And, in reverse-chronological order by release date, here’s all the videos with scripts by yours truly:

In Space, No One Can Stop You From Welding

One step closer to real warp drives?

4 Weird Unsolved Mysteries of Math

Journey to the Center of a Neutron Star

4 Tiny Missions Answering the Biggest Questions in Astrophysics

The Scientist Who Made the Internet Possible | Great Minds: Narinder Singh Kapany

How Other-Worldly Auroras Help Us Explore the Galaxy

5 Ways Humans Make It Rain

Why are Plants Green Instead of Black?

How 5 Rocks Get Their Glow

Cosmic Shear: Revealing the Invisible Universe

Why Do Neutrinos Have Mass? A Small Question With Huge Consequences

What if the Large Hadron Collider Made a Black Hole?

Why Do People Say We’ve Reached the End of Physics?

Could Life Survive Without a Star?

How Close Are We To The Perfect Deepfake?

3 Surprising Things That Act Like Fluids

We Found Water on a Habitable Zone Exoplanet

The Only Radiation Units You Need to Know

The Universe As We Know It Shouldn’t Exist | The Matter-Antimatter Problem

How a Butterfly’s Wingbeat CAN Change the Weather

Why We’re Building Underground Telescopes

Statistics Say Screens Aren’t Destroying Today’s Teens

How The Six Degrees Phenomenon Has Changed Science

When Will We All Die?: The Statistics of Human Extinction

The Strange, Frictionless World of Superfluids

The Quantum Theory that Connects the Entire Universe

There’s a Loophole in One of the Most Important Laws of Physics

The Impossible Element Hiding in the Sun

How We Make the Coldest Things in the Universe